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Description of Transportr - Open Source Public Transit

Transportr is a non-profit app developed by people around the world in their free time.
They want to make the use of public transport as easy as possible for everybody.
This app uses the data of various local public transport agencies
and provides a unified interface for them.
It can not verify the correctness of the data
and therefore
for the displayed information.
Please use at your own risk.
. Just tell Transportr where you want to go!
It will find the best connections for you, advises you where to change buses,
and even gives you an estimated time of arrival.
. Shows upcoming departures from any and all stations.
areas, real-time delays will be shown as well.
. The source code for Transportr is 100% open.
You can freely use, study, share and improve it.
This app is only as good as
make it.
You can even add your city yourself, if it is not already supported.
Transportr uses GPS satellite navigation
to keep track of your current position - so you never get lost.
You can find nearby stations to start a new trip
and then see how far along the journey you are.
To get you where you need to go faster,
Transportr saves frequently used locations and trips.
That way you do not need to type them over and over again.
. This app does not display ads
or annoying notifications.
It also does not use tracking tools such as Google Analytics to spy on you.
. Displays stations or your entire trip on a map
and always knows where you are to not miss where to get off the bus.

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APK Version 2.0.6
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Developer Torsten Grote
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